About LEDSynth

We provide solutions of advanced LED control Technology, Powerful LED Controllers and LED editing Software. We offer lighting solutions for Musicians, Concerts, Exhibitions, Interactive displays, Shopping centres, Restaurants, Hotels and Bars. Our control systems are developed inhouse using the latest Micro Processor technology and the latest software development tools available . All PCB development is done inhouse which allows us to also offer custom solutions. Our controller range consists of LEDSynth Pro and LEDSynth Mini. For customers requiring a low cost solution we have the LEDSynth Mini series. LEDSynth MIDI, LEDSynth DMX, LEDSynth ArtNet and LEDSynth OSC (WiFi and Wired Ethernet options). LEDSynth Pro is a powerful Ledstrip controller There are 2 models in this family WS2811 and APA102 strip control. LEDSynth Pro supports all the standard protocols MIDI, ArtNet and OSC. The system has WIFI and Wired Ethernet.